My Views On How Designers Can Work At The Intersection Of Systems, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Impact

Just as everything else in this world, the role of the designer is changing almost everyday. Our roles have moved from making things look “aesthetic” to more research heavy roles in the last few years. And the trajectory we seem to be headed towards is roles that are more all encompassing. As I continue to pursue my master’s degree I am increasingly realising that the visual packaging of anything a designer makes, while important, is answering the “function WITH form” line of thought. To…

When thinking of how design might play a role in India’s future and development, my first thought was to understand what the word ‘development’ actually meant in this context. It seems to me that these days it’s associated with and measured almost solely by economic progress, more specifically by a country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Does this value provide an accurate image of a country’s progress? Today, India’s GDP stands at approximately 2.59 trillion USD, the 6th highest in the world [1] . It seemed like a pretty impressive number to me at first, but then came the next figure…

Nivedita Arul

Based out of Bangalore, India. I am a fashion and design lover. Always trying to learn new things, I want to be as creative and skilled as I can be in this life

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